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Speck Pumps 21/80 and 80/50 GS Series Pumps

Speck began as a small family enterprise in the US way back in 1909. Today, the company employs some 700 persons - most of them trained in-house - with 40 branch offices and distributors serving customers in 70 countries. In Australia, Speck Pumps is a division of the privately-owned Continental Water Systems Pty. Limited, which is predominantly involved in high-purity deionised water systems for commercial and industrial use. But they also offer a wide range of other water treatment equipment including ozone generators, UV systems, auto deionisation systems, backwashable multi-media filters, reverse osmosis units and on-site disinfection systems. Continental has factories and offices in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

If you would like to learn more about Speck Pumps, just click www.continentalwater.com.au/speckpumps/.

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  • High-volume performance - up to 1200 lpm
  • Available in single or 3-phase power
  • Ideal for swim systems and large commercial applications
  • Powerful 4.0- and 5.0-horsepower motors
  • Highest quality mechanical steel

The Speck 21/80 and 80/50 series are the largest plastic swimming pool and industrial pumps in the Speck range. The 21/80 comes with a giant 6-litre strainer, and both pumps have 80 mm suction and discharge ports.

These pumps are ideal for high-volume vigorous swim systems and commercial applications where large volumes of water need to be moved quickly. The 4.0 and 5.0 horsepower motors efficiently move more water than other pumps of a similar size.

Designed to German standards, they've been locally manufactured and factory tested and come with a two-year warranty.

Speck 21/80 and 80/50 GS Series Pumps

Speck Badu Air button for swim system switch box $0.00 AUD          

Speck Badu Switch box for swim system pump (240V-15A) $0.00 AUD          

Speck Badu 21/80-32SG pump: 4.0hp, 240V pool/spa pump $0.00 AUD          

Speck Badu 80/50GS pump + strainer - 5.0hp - 415V pool/spa pump $0.00 AUD          

Speck Badu 21/80-33SG pump: 5.0hp, 415V pool/spa pump $0.00 AUD          


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