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Waterco Litestream Underwater Lights

Established in 1981 in Sydney, Waterco has become one of this country's largest manufacturers of quality pool and spa equipment. Outside Australia, Waterco now have branches in New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. In all, they deliver products to more than 40 countries around the world. We find them very competitive... and great value.

If you would like to learn more about Waterco, just click www.waterco.com.au.

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  • Globes easily removed for changing
  • Ultra-safe 12-volt quartz halogen globe
  • Lens designed and coloured to enhance natural beauty of pebble, slate and tile pools
  • Optional red, green and blue lenses
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty, excluding globe

Litestream delivers 100 watts of light spread throughout the entire pool by a specially designed lens which refracts the light without any discernible loss of brightness.

These lights come with a choice of 12m, 18m and 21m leads. Input voltage is 12VAC, input power 100W.

Waterco Litestream Underwater Lights

Waterco light transformer plug in style 12v 120 va $0.00 AUD          

Waterco light transformer hard wired style 12v 100 va $0.00 AUD          

Waterco underwater light replacement kit $0.00 AUD          

Waterco underwater light with 12mtr lead $0.00 AUD          

Waterco underwater light with 18 mtr lead $0.00 AUD          

Waterco underwater light with 21 meter lead $0.00 AUD          

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