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Pool chlorinators

Watermaid QT Series Self-Cleaning Salt Water Pool Chlorinator (No timer)

In 1971 Watermaid was the first company to design, develop and manufacture a salt-water chlorination system. Today, in addition to very high-quality electro-chemical chlorinators, which SPW recommends above all others. Waterco manufactures high-quality sand filters and durable, long-lasting pumps for swimming pools and spas.

If you would like to learn more about Watermaid, just click www.watermaid.com.


  • Easy-to-read chlorine control output monitor
  • Advanced circuitry allows precise control of chlorine output, extending life of cell
  • Self-cleaning cell features
  • 30-year proven chlorination system
  • Able to sanitize pools up to 150,000 litres

Watermaid chlorinators were one of the first in Australia. We believe the market looks to this company for leadership in quality and performance.

These units may be a little dearer than some of the competitors. The reason for this is the metal used in the salt cell (the heart of the unit ) is plated with precious metal, and the thicker the plating the more expensive the unit becomes. Also, the transformer is larger than some of the competitors'. This adds up to a longer lasting unit with trouble-free operation

Unlike other manufacturers, Watermaid do not produce units to suit different size pools. It has been Watermaid's experience over the past 30 years that even some small pools have very high chlorine demands, and units that are manufactured by other companies to suit smaller size pools simply cannot cope "when the going gets tough." The result is usually a green pool and a dissatisfied customer.

Watermaid QT Series Salt Chlorinators

Watermaid chlorinator full flow QT300 cell no timer salt chlorinator $0.00 AUD          

Watermaid chlorinator full flow QT400 cell no timer salt chlorinator $0.00 AUD          

Watermaid chlorinator with Ezi Clean 300 cell no timer salt chlorinator $0.00 AUD          


Watermaid QT Series no timer Salt Water Pool Chlorinator

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