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Aqua-Quip Surface-mounted Pool Lights

Established in 1975 and located in Sydney, Aqua-Quip offers a comprehensive, competitively-priced range of innovative products designed for a wide range of pool and spa applications. Quality tested before leaving the factory, these products are well supported in the field thanks to Aqua-Quip's excellent customer service. In many cases they will provide on-site service if necessary.

If you would like to learn more about Aqua-Quip, just click www.aquaquip.com.au.

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  • Leak-proof design
  • Patented air-expansion chamber
  • Large-diameter moulded reflector
  • Quick-change globe facility
  • Blue, green, red, clear and pearl lenses available

Aqua-Quip surface mounted lights feature a single-coloured combined lens and dress ring. This means that they blend into the colour of the pool interior, making them the lights you don't notice...until you turn them on.

With a wide range of colours and cable lengths, Aqua-Quip pool lights are suitable for all types of pools - concrete, fibreglass and vinyl. Combined with the range of Aqua-Quip Weatherproof or Splashproof transformers, installation is simple.

Aqua-Quip lights have been designed to locate on top of the original mounting bracket of almost all brands. Simply remove the old pool light and join the Aqua-Quip light to the existing cable using Aqua-Quip's patented procedure.

NOTE: We sell these lights as a kit comprising either one or two lights and a suitable transformer. The lights and transformers are also available as separate items. Contact us for pricing on separate components.

Aqua-Quip Surface Mount Pool Light

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