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Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers

Since beginning operations more than 20 years ago, Daisy Pool Covers has steadily grown to become Australia's largest supplier of quality pool covers and roller systems. With manufacturing facilities in Western Australia and New South Wales, this technology-driven company supplies quality Daisy products at competitive prices across Australia and to several overseas countries. Their Solar Pool Covers with exclusive UltraDome™ bubble technology could be seen as the first real advance in solar pool cover design for years. Daisy's domestic 5 Star Roller range, featuring superior design and components, are easy to install and simple to use.

Special Note: Daisy Pool Covers are not like any other pool products found on this website. For starters, you have several thicknesses to choose from. (The thicker it is, the less evaporation loss, the more insulation and protection and the longer it will last.)

Then there's the fact that each cover is individual, custom-tailored to perfectly fit a huge variety of pool sizes and shapes. This means that determining the correct overall dimensions and then doing-it-yourself involves a bit of homework. Fortunately, Daisy is mindful of this and has made things as easy as possible for you. Rather than duplicate all the information to be found on their website, we will provide links to the most critical information:

UltraDome - this page provides an illustrated description of how super-toughened polyethylene makes UltraDome covers superior to materials used in the past.

SolarScreen™ - if you're concerned about the sun over-heating your pool and evaporation loss, you should check out this page.

Roller systems - the complete catalogue of Daisy's wide range of roller systems, each of which allows you to take your cover off and on in a simple, 30-second operation.

Fact Sheets - download three separate PDF fact sheets on Evaporation, Heating Capabilities and UltraDome Profile.

Installation Instructions - we will deliver your Daisy Pool Cover in one piece, to the correct size and including any step areas. All you have to do is trim it carefully to the exact shape of you pool with scissors. This page tells you how and provides links to specific Installation Sheets.

UltraDome Solar Pool Cover Installation Video (9Mb) - an adjunct to the page above, this is the original video that Daisy produced, now available in a larger format. It takes you step-by-step through the process of custom fitting an UltraDome cover to your pool.

UltraDome Foam Pool Cover Installation Video (7Mb) - another large format video, this one showing step-by-step how to install a Daisy Foam Blanket. The process is much the same as that for the UltraDome cover.

5-Star Roller System Installation Video (8.5Mb) - a smaller format WMV that makes assembly and installation of Daisy's 5-Star Rollar System as easy as possible.

Buddy/UTC Roller System Installation Video (9Mb) - this smaller format WMV demonstrates the assembly and installation of Daisy's UTC Roller System.

Click for these Installation Instruction Sheet PDFs:

Daisy Pool Cover

Daisy 5-Star Roller System

Daisy Buddy/UTC Roller System

Daisy WinterKleen™ Leaf Cover

  • Cut evaporation loss by up to 97%
  • Keep dirt and leaves out of your pool
  • Insulates your pool, saving on heating costs
  • Cuts chemical costs by up to 50%
  • Unique pro-rat month-by-month warranty

For many pool owners the biggest attraction of Daisy pool covers will be the impressive savings clocked up on pool chemicals and water loss through evaporation. It's safe to say that whatever type of indoor or outdoor pool or spa you have, Daisy's pool covers will have paid for themselves just twelve months after installation.

Installion takes minutes rather than hours using easy-to-follow instructions that do the thinking for you. Once your Daisy solar pool cover is installed, you'll find that "easy operation" is no rash claim. Using a Daisy roller, all you'll need is about 30 seconds to roll-out or roll-up Daisy swimming pool covers on typical domestic pools.

All Daisy pool covers are covered by their pro-rata month-by-month warranty. This means that Daisy pool covers will pay for the amount of time that the purchaser does not achieve from their solar pool blanket (up to the warranty period), It also means that the purchaser must pay for the period of time that they have used the product.


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