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Pool and spa filters

Even more choice. As with pumps, you have a staggering variety of in ground and above ground swimming pool and spa filters to choose from. But this time you also have the three distinct types of filters: sand/media, cartridge and diatomaceous earth (D.E.) compounding your dilemma. The best type for you depends on how you use your swimming pool and how much maintenance you're willing and/or able to do.

Same simple solution. As with pumps, if you don't know exactly what you need, just Contact us. We work with pumps and filters in the real world every day. So we see first-hand what works best in all sorts of different situations. And what fails dismally.

Replacement pitfalls. There are literally hundreds of replacement cartridge filters of varying capacities on the market. And even though you might choose the right size, the coupling could be off by a few millimetres, just enough to keep it from functioning properly. Yet another reason to Contact us. We know the idiosyncracies of these filters, which ones will work with which cartridges (and pumps). And which will be a waste of your money. (Our advice won't cost you anything.)

Fibreglass & Sand/Media

Order or buy Hurlcon pool & spa sand media filters at discount prices  Waterco pool & spa sand media filters Aqua-quip pool & spa sand media filters

Onga pool & spa sand media filters

Poolrite pool & spa sand media filters Monarch pool & spa sand media filters



Poolrite pool & spa cartridge filter Buy or order Hurlcon pool & spa cartridge filters at discount prices   Onga pool & spa cartridge filter
Waterco pool & spa cartridge filters Monarch pool & spa cartridge filters

Zodiac pool & spa cartridge filter


Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.)

Poolrite pool & spa diatomaceous earth (DE)  filters    Waterco pool & spa diatomaceous earth (DE) filters
Onga pool & spa diatomaceous earth (DE) filters





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