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Hurlcon / Astral HiNRG Pool Spa Heater Gas

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Hurlcon Astral HiNRG Gas Pool Spa Heater

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HiNRG Pool and Spa Heaters

High Performance, highly reliable and in a compact package. The AstralPool HiNRG Heaters are designed for rapid heat up of your swimming pool or spa and to work with today’s energy efficient variable speed pumps, even when set on energy efficient low speed. Available in three models, the 175, 250 and 400, the HiNRG Heater can be ordered for Natural Gas or LPG and has kilowatt equivalent outputs of 39 kW, 55kW or a massive 90 kW. The build quality, an important factor for gas pool and spa heating is so high that the HiNRG Heater is covered by a 5 year limited warranty on both commercial and residential installations.

Features & Benefits

  • High capacity for fast heat up
  • Energy Efficient
  • Pre mixed combustion for low emissions
  • Heating on demand
  • Reduced operating cost


Swimming pool and spa heaters


The HiNRG Gas Heater is covered by a comprehensive limited 5 year warranty on residential and commercial applications. Go to astralpool.com.au for full warranty details.

Heart of the Heater

The heat exchanger is one of the most important components. Its task is to extract the heat from the combustion process and efficiently transfer it into the pool or spa water. AstralPool’s HiNRG Heaters incorporate copper-nickel extruded finned tube which have 10 times the heat transfer of plain tube. The hard drawn tubes are specifically designed without curves or bends to avoid corrosion and erosion of high velocity pool water. Newly designed manifolds on each end of the heat exchanger are robust and made of high temperature engineering plastic with a self cooling design to ensure long life and withstand high pressure.

Premixed Combustion

The HiNRG combustion system utilises a variable speed fan to premix air and gas before entering the stainless steel burners. The result is a short sharp, even flame distribution inside the combustion chamber evenly spreading heat across the whole heat exchanger. The premix design keeps emission outputs as low as possible complying with all Australian and overseas standards.

Taking Control

AstralPool’s design engineers have built from the ground up a sophisticated micro processor to control the temperature, combustion and output of the HiNRG Heater. This control will keep the water to within 1 degree of the setting, monitoring the temperature and then changing the combustion rate to match the heat losses of your pool or spa making the heater even more efficient. In fact, this precision and combination of heat exchanger and pre mixed combustion allow the HiNRG to operate at an incredible 83% efficiency.

The microprocessor based controller also communicates with the (optional) AstralPool Connect 10 pool and spa controller and allows you to control your pool or spa temperature from anywhere in the world, or simply on the way home from work via the connect my pool app for Android or apple appliances.

We simply call it “Heating on Demand”

So why use a gas heater at all? Simply put, an energy efficient gas heater allows you to choose when you want to swim, bathe or spa. HiNRG allows you to turn the heating off during the week when the pool is not used and heat it up on Friday or Saturday for a weekend of fun and play at home. Simply turn the heater off again on Sunday night and save money that other, slower heater systems require you to spend by needing to heat all season long.

The HiNRG Heater can heat a large spa in an hour or less and depending on the model selected can heat a 50,000 litre pool in 8 hours or less, giving you the flexibility to quickly heat the water if friends are arriving at short notice.

Hurlcon Astral HiNRG Spa Heating Guide  Hurlcon Astral HiNRG Pool Heating Guide 

Which means it is Inexpensive

Gas prices vary from region to region but the efficiency of the HiNRG heater does not. The high capacity of the heater allows you to choose when to heat, and when not to saves even more money.

The HiNRG Heater is made from the highest quality materials, is compact, more reliable, efficient and more affordable than other heating systems.

HiNRG Connects

Switching between your pool and spa was once a fairly complex exercise. In today’s connected world the HiNRG Heater’s microprocessor controller allows simple connection to the (optional) Connect 10 pool and spa control system. Now the whole family can operate the pool and spa at the press of the colour touch screen installed inside your home. Simply save your favourite spa temperature and settings and with the press of a single button the pump will start, the heater will operate, spa lights illuminate and massage jets work. The large visible temperature display will let you know when the spa is ready to use.

Even better, install AstralPool’s Internet Gateway and download the connect my pool app to control your whole pool and heating system from your smart phone or tablet.

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Hurlcon Astral Pool Equipment and productsHurlcon is part of AstralPool, which, in turn, is a fully owned subsidiary of AstralPool SA, boasting more than 100 branches and 43 manufacturing sites worldwide. This huge multinational turns out an extensive range of residential and commercial filtration, disinfection, heating, pumping and water feature appliances.

Closer to home, Hurlcon manufactures a wide range of Australian-designed equipment at their Melbourne-based plants. If you want quality and Australian-made excellence for your pool or spa, you cannot go past Hurlcon. All their products are backed by generous warranties and support. Even better, we sell their full range, all discounted.

If you would like to learn more about Hurlcon, just click www.hurlcon.com.au.

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Gas heater for pools or spas. Fast heat up, energy Efficient, pre mixed combustion for low emissions, heating on demand and reduced operating cost. Phone 1300 859 969 for expert advice & quote. Delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and regional towns & cities in Australia.

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