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Hurlcon Astral Pool
Pandora Smart Residential Robotic Cleaner

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Features & Benefits

  • Reduced consumption of water care agents
  • Plug and play
  • Improved water quality
  • High suction capacity
  • Reduced workload on pool filter 

Environmentally friendly, the Aquatron Pandora Smart cleans almost any size and shape residential swimming pool. The ultra modern high speed motor and ultra fine inbuilt filtration bag combine to make a highly effective pool cleaner and vacuum appliance. This fully independent cleaners works without any suction hoses or hook up booster pumps. With no installation, no supervision and with minimal maintenance the Pandora Smart cleaner is your perfect choice. Plug the unit in, drop it in to the pool and turn it on. When the cleaning cycle is over, the Pandora smart will turn itself off automatically.


Cleaning cycle time:
Wall cleaner:
Recommended pool size:
Cable length:
Filter bag porosity:
Suction rate:
Unit voltage:
Power supply:

3 hours
80 m2
18 metres
Down to 2 microns
16 m3 / hour
24 VDC

Award Winning Hurlcon / Astral Pool Cleaners

Reduce your Power Costs with Pandora Robotic Cleaners - automatic vacuum cleaners for residential swimming pools.

The Swimming Pool And Spa Awards of excellence in Western Australia are a highly sought after event for the swimming pool industry where the best pools and swimming pool products are showcased.

On Saturday July 23rd AstralPool proudly except the Sustainability Gold award for the Pandora Robotic Cleaner  and also the Silver Sustainability award for the Viron P280 Vari-speed Pump.

These products have been design to save the consumer time and money. With electricity and the cost of living increasing it is AstralPool’s mission to create products that provide you with clean, clear and healthy water while keeping costs and maintenance down so you can enjoy your swimming pool all year round.


Hurlcon is part of AstralPool, which, in turn, is a fully owned subsidiary of AstralPool SA, boasting more than 100 branches and 43 manufacturing sites worldwide. This huge multinational turns out an extensive range of residential and commercial filtration, disinfection, heating, pumping and water feature appliances.

Closer to home, Hurlcon manufactures a wide range of Australian-designed equipment at their Melbourne-based plants. If you want quality and Australian-made excellence for your pool or spa, you cannot go past Hurlcon. All their products are backed by generous warranties and support. Even better, we sell their full range, all discounted.

If you would like to learn more about Hurlcon, just click www.hurlcon.com.au.






Review the award winning Hurlcon range of automatic pool vacuum cleaners. These robotic pool cleaning products have been design to save the pool owner time and money.

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