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AstralPool Hurlcon Pool and Spa Products

AstralPool Hurlcon is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pool and spa equipment, as well as commercial and residential heating and cooling equipment.

Since they began manufacturing gas pool heaters under the Hurlcon name in the 1990s, they've become one of Australia's leading suppliers of quality swimming pool and spa products.

Because they're a local manufacturer, they produce equipment specifically for the Australian climate.

If you're overwhelmed - not to mention completely confused by the wide range of Hurlcon products - we can help.

Simple solution. Just Contact us; that's what we're here for. Together we'll be able to sort out exactly what pump is best for your pool or spa. And your budget.

Astral Hurlcon pool & spa pump

Pool & Spa Pumps 

Hurlcon Astral Pool & Spa Filters: Sand medium

Sand Filters

Hurlcon Astral Swimming Pool & Spa Cartridge Filters 

Cartridge Filters


Prices Hurlcon Astral Swimming Pool & Spa Chlorinators

Pool Chlorinators 



Price Hurlcon Astral Pool & Spa Liquid Doser Pumps

Liquid Doser Pumps

Order Hurlcon Astral Pool & Spa Products Pandora Smart Cleaners 

Pool Cleaners 

Buy Astral Hurlcon Gas & Electric Pool & Spa Heaters

Gas & electric heaters

Gas Heaters

Electirc Heat Pumps


Discount Astral Hurlcon Pool & Spa Accessories: Skimmer boxes & Plugs

Skimmer Boxes

Discount Astral Hurlcon Swimming Pool Products & Accessories: Waterfalls

Pool Waterfalls

Discount Hurlcon Astral Pool & Spa Control Systems

Pool Control Systems

 Discount Hurlcon Astral Pool, Spa & Blower Air Switches

Air Switches

Hurlcon Astral Water Levellers

Water Levellers


     Hurlcon Pool Pump


    Hurlcon Pool Heaters



    Hurlcon Cleaners


    Hurlcon Heat pumps 


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