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Hurlcon RX Series Pool and Spa Sand Filters

Hurlcon is part of AstralPool, which, in turn, is a fully owned subsidiary of AstralPool SA, boasting more than 100 branches and 43 manufacturing sites worldwide. This huge multinational turns out an extensive range of residential and commercial filtration, disinfection, heating, pumping and water feature appliances.

Closer to home, Hurlcon manufactures a wide range of Australian-designed equipment at their Melbourne-based plants. If you want quality and Australian-made excellence for your pool or spa, you cannot go past Hurlcon. All their products are backed by generous warranties and support. Even better, we sell their full range, all discounted.

If you would like to learn more about Hurlcon, just click www.hurlcon.com.au.

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RX Series Sand Filters
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  • Cleans in less than 3 minutes
  • 6-position, multi-port valve ensures positive fitting and alignment of pipe work
  • Seamless rotational moulding for unparalleled strength and stability.
  • Unique 12-arm hub with 25mm laterals provides excellent flow rates
  • Available in 6 sizes

Hurlcon's high-strength HDPE seamless, rotationally moulded RX filter contains larger tank capacity and higher flow rates enabling the pool water to be filtered more effectively in a shorter period of time, saving expense on pump operating costs.

The RX Series is part of a family of high-quality, highly intelligent, interconnected products that work together to take total care of your pool and spa. The Genus IV controller links all the separate components together through a single control that allows any member of the family to operate the system.

Each filter is covered by a limited 10-year warranty on the tank and 12-month warranty on the valve and internals.

Lid and basket removal is made easy with the distinctive cam-and-ramp lock ring.

NOTE: As mentioned on the Home page, our prices are so low some manufacturers don't allow us to list them here, and this is one of them.

To find out how much you'll be saving on this product, just phone or e-mail us.


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