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Onga Chlormaster Salt Water Chlorinator

Onga is now owned by Pentair Water, a US company. They make a range of pool products including pumps, filters, chlorinators, and allied equipment.

If you would like to learn more about Onga, just click www.onga.com.au.

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Onga Chormaster Brochure PDF

  • Automatic overload protect power supply 
  • Automatic low salt alarm
  • Easy-to-read chlorine production level indicator
  • Easy-to-use single plug connection
  • Fully automatic self-cleaning cell
  • Solid plate industrial-grade titanium electrodes

The Onga Chlormaster consists of a cell, which is protected from accidental damage by a housing that encloses the plates completely, and a lightweight power supply, which you simply mount on a nearby wall.

The system is equipped with a battery backup timer as standard, making it a true set-and-forget system. The system features automatic shut off to both pump and cell to avoid overloading. An audible alarm sounds if no chlorine is being produced

With only two buttons for adjustment, this is one of the easiest units to operate. Using the latest technology available, the Chlormaster cell will self clean and operate at maximum efficiency for a fresh sparkling pool.

NOTE: As mentioned on the Home page, our prices are so low some manufacturers don't allow us to list them here, and this is one of them.

To find out how much you'll be saving on this product, just phone or e-mail us.


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