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Poolrite Dragonfly Pulse Surface Pool Cleaner

Opening its doors in 1978, Poolrite Equipment Pty Ltd ranks as one of Australia's largest and oldest manufacturers of pool and spa equipment. They have offices across Australia and in New Zealand and currently export to more than 20 countries. Poolrite makes everything from filters, pumps and chlorinators to skimmer boxes and fittings, heaters and accessories.

If you would like to learn more about Poolrite, just click www.poolrite.com.au.

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Dragonfly Pool Cleaner PDF

  • Removes disease-carry materials
  • Saves money by reducing chlorine requirements
  • Saves energy by reducing filtration time
  • Saves water by being able to work at every level
  • Does not stop working even when swamped

The Australian-designed Dragonfly Pulse Surface Cleaner reduces the risks that bacteria pose to swimmers by reducing the amount of bacteria breeding in the pool. The Dragonfly floats at the surface where the water is warmest and therefore the most comfortable for the organisms that are prone to attack humans. The top 150 mm is the area where body fats, skin particles, suntan oils, and ecoli, which carry pathogens such as bacteria and parasites from one bather to another, thrive.

Conventional swimming pool cleaners can only clean what has sunk to the bottom of the pool, which can take as long as a week. What's more, the most dangerous contaminants never sink, staying at the surface of the water where they may be swallowed or become the cause of ear infections and other problems.

The Dragonfly Pulse Surface Cleaner takes water from this high risk area of the pool directly to the filter where the water is redistributed into the lower cooler regions of the pool. Because the pool's disinfectant action is strongest here, swimming pool hygiene is much improved.

NOTE: As mentioned on the Home page, our prices are so low some manufacturers don't allow us to list them here, and this is one of them.

To find out how much you'll be saving on this product, just phone or e-mail us.

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