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Poolrite Endurochlor™ SC Series Salt Chlorinators

Opening its doors in 1978, Poolrite Equipment Pty Ltd ranks as one of Australia's largest and oldest manufacturers of pool and spa equipment. They have offices across Australia and in New Zealand and currently export to more than 20 countries. Poolrite makes everything from filters, pumps and chlorinators to skimmer boxes and fittings, heaters and accessories.

If you would like to learn more about Poolrite, just click www.poolrite.com.au.

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Poolrite Enduro Salt Chlorinators PDF

  • Injection-moulded, heavy-duty insulated enclosure
  • Approved to IP24 installation in pool zone
  • Long-life cell material
  • Unique cell design aids unrestricted water flow
  • Barrel unions for easier servicing

The Australian-designed EnduroChlor offers efficiency and economy along with self-cleaning salt chlorinator technology.

Other EnduroChlor features include extra-low voltage cell and control circuitry for maximum safety, soft-start current control technology for maximum electrode life, maximum chlorine output efficiency, extra-heavy-duty electrodes, automatic current control and an easily accessible external fuse.

Poolrite offers a two-year warranty on the power pack and timer and a two-year full and four-year pro-rata waranty on the cell.

NOTE: As mentioned on the Home page, our prices are so low some manufacturers don't allow us to list them here, and this is one of them.

To find out how much you'll be saving on this product, just phone or e-mail us.

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