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Pool and spa pumps and filters

For best discount prices phone 1300 859 969 or email us for expert advice & quote.

Delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and regional towns & cities in Australia.

There's a very good reason we group pumps and filters together. While you can certainly buy one without the other, you can't safely buy either without considering the capacity of the other.

However, if it's only filters you're interested in right now, just click:

Pool and Spa Filters

Bewildering choice. As you can see from the below, quite a few manufacturers make pool and spa pumps. And each of them offers multiple models, most of which, in turn, come in different horsepower versions. And while the vast majority of pumps work both in pools and spas - the volume determining horsepower - a few pumps (and accessories) are designed for spas only.

If you're overwhelmed - not to mention completely confused - we can help. If you've already visited the Why Us page, you know we're uniquely qualified to offer salient advice about all swimming pool and spa bath equipment.

Simple solution. Just Contact us; that's what we're here for. Together we'll be able to sort out exactly what pump is best for your pool or spa. And your budget.

Swimming pool and spa pumps

Discount Hurlcom pool & spa pump in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane 

Waterco pool & spa pump 
Speck Pumps pool & spa pump 


Poolrite pool & spa pump  Aqua-quip pool & spa pump 
Monarch pool & spa pump 


Polaris pool & spa pump

Onga pool & spa pump 

Bianco Pumpz



Dedicated spa pumps and accessories

Waterco pool & spa pumps  Hurlcon pool & spa pumps 


Poolrite pool & spa pumps 
Onga pool & spa pump 


Monarch pool & spa pumps 









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