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Speck Pumps 43 Series High-Volume, High-Head Pumps

Speck began as a small family enterprise in the US way back in 1909. Today, the company employs some 700 persons - most of them trained in-house - with 40 branch offices and distributors serving customers in 70 countries. In Australia, Speck Pumps is a division of the privately-owned Continental Water Systems Pty. Limited, which is predominantly involved in high-purity deionised water systems for commercial and industrial use. But they also offer a wide range of other water treatment equipment including ozone generators, UV systems, auto deionisation systems, backwashable multi-media filters, reverse osmosis units and on-site disinfection systems. Continental has factories and offices in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

If you would like to learn more about Speck Pumps, just click www.continentalwater.com.au/speckpumps/.

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  • High-head performance - 380 lpm at 10m head 
  • High-volume performance - 600 lpm at 6m head 
  • Available with or without strainer
  • Powerful 2.5-horsepower motor

The multi-purpose Speck Pumps 43 Series are ideal for automatic pool cleaners, swim systems or spas.

They feature 3-litre (LS) and 6-litre (GS) strainer tanks, Highly corrosive resistant materials, Stable up to 60¬âˆC, Absolute electrical separation between pump motor and water, Maximum effectiveness at low power input, Highest quality mechanical seal, Simple to service, Locally manufactured and factory-tested pump, Available with 3-phase motor option 43 Series.

Speck Pumps - 43 Series

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Speck Pumps 43 Series High Volume High Head Pumps

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