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Why we're better able to help you

Buying swimming pool and spa supplies isn't as straightforward as it was just a few years ago. In the interests of their bottom lines, a number of suppliers have moved their manufacturing operations offshore to developing countries. With some unfortunate results.

Fewer quality products. Many once-dependable pumps that used to circulate water day in and day out for 10 years or more are going belly up after just a season or two. The same goes for filters, chlorinators, cleaners and underwater lights.

Hands-on experience. At Swimming Pool Warehouse, we know better than most what works best, longest. Not only have we handled a wide range of pool products over the years, we are actively involved in the day-to-day construction, repair and maintenance of swimming pools and spas.

Real-world knowledge. On a daily basis we see first-hand what performs reliably and what doesn't. You simply won't find this kind of practical expertise on most pool supplies websites, at local pool shops or in the pool departments of major retail chains. And all you have to do to avail yourself of our experience and advice is phone or e-mail us.

Lower-than-trade prices. Something else worth mentioning. Because Swimming Pool Warehouse buys in bulk, we pass the savings on to you in the form of lower-than-trade prices. (Some of our best customers are professional pool technicians.) But don't take our word for it. Compare the prices on this site with those on any other you might be considering. (Don't forget to check our  Specials page.)

Same-day service. Then when you place your order with us, you'll discover we offer same-day turn-around for all items in stock. In most cases deliveries are made within 24 hours.

Now here's a little background information about some key people at Swimming Pool Warehouse:

Mike Kendall, Partner - Mike has more than 25 years experience in building and renovating properties, running hospitality and tourism businesses and working in the marine industry. He even owned a natural spring in regional NSW, becoming a pioneer in bottling water.

In recent years, Mike has devoted his expertise to building and maintaining swimming pools around Sydney Harbour and along the Northern Beaches, working closely with architects, builders and suppliers to build and renovate pools and water features.


Kevin Loveridge, Senior Service Technician - Kevin is a qualified painter with extensive knowledge and experience in pool and spa painting. And that includes both surface preparation and product application. (His specialty is spas.)

He also has gained a wealth of experience in new pool hydraulic design and layouts.

Even better, he's a nice person and easily approachable.

Marcus Liebermier - The youngest member of our team, Marcus already has lots of pool service experience and has developed into a more-than-capable pool plumber.

At the moment Marcus is serving a sort of informal apprenticeship under the tutelage of both Mike and Steve, learning his customer service skills while also undertaking practical work.

We find him an extremely helpful and pleasant young man.


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