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Zodiac DuoClear Salt Water Chlorinators

Europe-based Zodiac is an enormous global company into airships, airplanes and inflatable boats as well as pool products. Here in Australia Zodiac began in 1983 operating solely within the marine segment selling tenders. In 1996, Zodiac expanded into the pools and pool-care business by acquiring market-leading Baracuda automatic pool cleaners and then Nature2, the world leader in mineral sanitation. In 2001 they purchased Clearwater, the world leader and one of the pioneers in salt chlorination; then in 2004 PSA, the French- and European-leading heat pump manufacturer. A year later Zodiac bought Polaris, one of the world leaders in automatic pool-cleaning technology.

To learn more about Zodiac in Australia, just click http://www.zodiac.com.au/poolcare/.

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  • Innovative design allows easy replacement of both the electrode and purifier cartridge
  • Set-and-forget digital timer lets you keep track of chlorine and salt levels
  • Easy-to-set super chlorination function

Powered by Clearwater technology, the DuoClear's low-maintenance electrode works to keep itself clean by reversing polarity every six hours.

The Nature2 cartridge releases minute particles of copper and silver into the water, working in conjunction with the chlorine to destroy harmful bacteria and algae.

Zodiac offers a lifetime conditional warranty on the electrode.

Zodiac Duoclear Series Salt Chlorinators

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